#15 Superquadras and University Campus [Brasilia]

#15 Superquadras and University Campus [Brasilia]

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On this tour, we will explore the “wings” of the airplane. The residential area is divided into Superquadras, individual units of 280 x 280 meters (920 x 920 ft), each one containing four housing lots. The interior street is reserved for commercial use and between two Superquadras there is space kept for public infrastructure such as schools, sports fields or churches.

The University of Brasília was built in the 1970s by Oscar Niemeyer. The 700 meters long building has over 30 entrances. It is commonly said that the building represents democratic ideas through its symmetry; it is equally accessible from each point of the perimeter.

This tour includes transportation, it is available in 6 or 8 hours duration. Hotel pickup in the center.

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Highlights of the Tour (selection)

University Campus UnB, Lúcio Costa and Oscar Niemeyer
Central Institute of Sciences, Oscar Niemeyer
UnB Rector’s Office, various architects
UnB Library, José Galbinski, Miguel Pereira
UnB Restaurant, José Galbinski and Antônio Carlos Moraes de Castro
Superquadra SQS 308, residential block, Oscar Niemeyer
Nossa Senhora de Fatima Church, Oscar Niemeyer 
Santuário Dom Bosco, Church, Carlos Alberto Naves (optional)

Included in the 8 hour tour option:
Residential house
Embassy neighborhood

List subject to change