#4 Modern Brazil [Rio de Janeiro]

#4 Modern Brazil [Rio de Janeiro]

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While the influence of modern European architecture and Le Corbusier's Five Points is evident in Brazil's architecture, the architects of the Brazilian movement did not just copy this style but also adapted its principles to the tropical climate and culture. The similarities and differences between the styles are the subject of this tour.

This tour includes transportation, it is available in 6 or 8 hours duration. Hotel pickup in Zona Sul.

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Highlights of the Tour (selection)

Guinle Park, Lucio Costa
Residential Complex Pedregulho, Affonso Reidy
Ministry of Education and Culture MEC, Lucio Costa with Le Corbusier
Petrobras Headquarters, Gandolfi Associates
BNDES Headquarters, Joel Ramalho Junior
Press Building ABI, Roberto Brothers
Museum of Modern Arts MAM, Affonso Reidy

Included in the 8 hour tour option:
Institute Moreira Salles IMS, Olav Redig de Campos
Casa das Canoas, Oscar Niemeyer

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