#1 Centro - From the Empire to Modernism & Brutalism [Rio de Janeiro]

#1 Centro - From the Empire to Modernism & Brutalism [Rio de Janeiro]

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The tour through the city center is dedicated to the city’s history since its founding. Get a comprehensive overview of 450 years of urban development and architecture including impressive modern landmarks over a short distance. We will visit some of the most striking outcomes of Brazilian modern architecture.

This tour is a walking tour and does not require transportation, it is available in 4 or 6 hours duration. Meeting point is Largo da Carioca, Centro.

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Highlights of the Tour (selection)

Museum of Arts Rio de Janeiro MAR, Bernardes Arquitetos
Museum of Tomorrow, Santiago Calatrava
Casa França-Brasil, Grandjean Montigny
Banco Boavista, Oscar Niemeyer
Praça XV and Paço Imperial
Confeitaria Colombo
Largo da Carioca and Convento Santo Antonio
Petrobras Headquarters, Gandolfi Associates
BNDES Headquarters, Joel Ramalho Junior
Municipal Theater, Francisco de Oliveira Passos and Albert Gilbert
Ministry of Education and Health, Lúcio Costa, Le Corbusier and Oscar Niemeyer

Included in the 6 hour tour option:
Biblioteca Nacional, Sousa Aguiar and Eliseu Visconti
Press Building ABI,  Brothers Roberto
Museum of Modern Art MAM, Affonso Eduardo Reidy

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