#8 Centro - From the Village to the Metropolis [São Paulo]

#8 Centro - From the Village to the Metropolis [São Paulo]

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São Paulo was founded just a step from the coast, yet located on the elevated, cooler and fertile plains. These conditions helped the city to become the largest metropolis in the Southern hemisphere. On our tour, we will discover the beauty of a city that has multiplied ten times in size within just one century, as evidenced by its unique layering of different architectural styles.

This tour is a walking tour and does not require transportation, it is available in 4 or 6 hours duration.

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Highlights of the Tour (selection)

Teatro Municipal, Ramos de Azevedo, Cláudio and Domiziano Rossi
Viaduto do Chá
Matarazzo Building, Marcello Piacentini
Praça da Patriarca (Patriarca Square), Paulo Mendes da Rocha
Martinelli Building, Giuseppe Martinelli
Praças das Artes, Brasil Arquitetos, Marcos Carum
Edifício Copan, Oscar Niemeyer

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