#12 Higienópolis Art Deco & Vila Madalena Contemporary [São Paulo]

#12 Higienópolis Art Deco & Vila Madalena Contemporary [São Paulo]

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Higienópolis is a mix of Art Deco villas and modernist houses, yet one of the greenest and most pleasant areas in São Paulo. Vila Madalena, in contrast, is a more traditional, albeit bohemian, neighborhood. In recent years, Vila Madalena has seen the rise of many contemporary residential buildings, shops, restaurants, and offices; this juxtaposition makes it an exceptional example of a mixed-use neighbourhood with an intense urban life.

This tour includes transportation, it is available in 6 or 8 hours duration.

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Edifício Louveira, Vilanova Artigas
Edifício Lausanne, Adolf Franz Heep

Vila Madalena

Beco do Batman, Graffitikunst
Fidalga 727, Tryptique
Edifício Simpatia, Grupo SP
Vila Aspicuelta, Tacoa Arquitetos
Edifício Box 298, Andrade Morettin Arquitetos

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