Multi-City Brazil Travel

Discover Brazil's architectural highlights on one of our multi-city journeys. We and our local partners will show you to the most exciting contemporary, modern and historic buildings in Brazil. Typically, on a one or two week trip we visit three to five different cities. Must-see places are São Paulo, Brasilia, Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte and the Contemporary Art Center Inhotim, among other destinations. For the multi-city tours, we organize your flights, accommodation, transport, and, for some packages, also meals, and provide a daily tour program.


The Main Destinations

Rio de Janeiro is a UNESCO World Heritage Site because of its spectacular landscape. Therefore, it is also called the Cidade Maravilhosa - the “Marvelous City”. Here, the fast paced urban life style contrasts with the sunny and laid-back beach life. In the city center of the former capital, you can discover a unique ensemble of historic, modernist and contemporary landmarks and buildings.

View From Sugar Loaf Mountain - Rio de Janeiro - Insight Architecture s.jpg

São Paulo has the most striking mix of contemporary and brutalist buildings. With over 21 million inhabitants in the metropolitan area, it is one of the largest cities in the world and the most populous in the Southern hemisphere. You can become familiar with numerous world-renowned architectural highlights in this important economic and cultural center of Brazil.

Consolação Centro São Paulo - Insight Architecture s.jpg

Brasília is a must-see destination for architects and urban planners traveling to Brazil. Built in the late 1950s, Brazil's capital is one of the youngest in the world. It was planned and built by Lucio Costa and Oscar Niemeyer, who gained world fame as a result of their work. In 1987, Brasília was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Arial View Monumental Aixis Brasilia - Insight Architecture s.jpg

The city of Belo Horizonte includes the Pampulha Modern Ensemble, which is another UNESCO heritage site. The buildings are situated around Lake Pampulha and were designed by Oscar Niemeyer. Belo Horizonte was the first state capital planned from the ground up.

View Center Belo Horizonte - Insight Architecture s.jpg

The Institute for Contemporary Art Inhotim owns a world-class collection of contemporary art continuously on display. It is situated in a lush tropical garden within a spectacular landscape close to Belo Horizonte.

Institute for Contemporary Art Inhotim - Lygia Pape - Insight Architecture.jpg

Bespoke travel Packages - We Organize Everything for You

If you prefer solo travel or have already put a small group together, we can create the customized itinerary and organize your flights, accommodations, transportation, and meals. Combine the destinations and gain detailed insight into Brazil’s vibrant culture, welcoming hospitality, and incredible architecture. Email or call us and we will curate a journey just for you.