Insight Architecture conveys architecture through tours, events, teaching, publishing and building.

Insight Architects (formerly Guiding Architects Rio de Janeiro) was founded in 2013 by Barbara Iseli, Bernardo Lopes, Marcio Nisenbaum and Jason Baumann.

In February 2016, GA Rio de Janeiro officially became part of the global network Guiding Architects. The network consists of independent companies and organizations in 40 major cities around the world that offer qualified architecture tours, guided by local architects, architecture historians and journalists.

In May 2018, GA Rio de Janeiro changed its name to Insight Architecture, aiming to broaden its scope from just guided tours to also include lectures, workshops, conferences, publications and designing projects.


Barbara Iseli

Barbara is a multilingual Swiss architect. She graduated at ETH Zurich, and considers herself a "Carioca de coração," a Rio de Janeiro-an by heart, with professional experience in Switzerland and Brazil. At Boltshauser Architects in Zurich, she was project manager for large-scale housing projects and won school building competitions in Uster, Switzerland, and a residential building complex in St. Gallen, Switzerland. In Rio de Janeiro, she was in charge of the conversion of the Swiss Consulate and the design of Swissnex Brazil. Barbara has lived in Rio de Janeiro since 2012. She is a founding partner of the architecture office, Plural Projetos Singulares, Rio de Janeiro and Insight Architecture (formerly GA Rio de Janeiro). A native German speaker, Barbara also gives tours in English and Portuguese. She also speaks Italian, French and Spanish.


Jason Baumann


After his BFA in Visual Communication at the Zurich University of Art and Design, Jason founded Popeye Ltd Design & Communications, an advertising agency in Zurich. He was in charge of creative direction and a member of the executive management. Later he completed an Executive MBA in New York and worked in the area of e-commerce before moving to Rio de Janeiro in 2012 where he currently is a consultant in the field of strategy, IT and marketing. He is an Insight Architecture board member and is in charge of marketing, sales and business development. He speaks native German, fluent English and Portuguese and has advanced knowledge in French and Spanish.

Uli Rentschler

Uli studied architecture in Karlsruhe, Germany. Her working experience includes German and Swiss architecture offices where she realized housing and commercial projects as acting manager. In Brazil, before assuming its operational management, she was in charge of the restoration and retrofit works of a listed historic building that housed "Casa Daros", a museum of contemporary Latin-American art in Rio de Janeiro. At Rio's iconic Santiago Calatrava building "Museum of Tomorrow" she led the transition from the commissioning and construction phases to operational management during the Olympics as its Operations Manager.
She guides in German, Portuguese and English and has advanced knowledge in French and Spanish.


Sebastian Beck

Sebastian Beck.jpg

Sebastian studied architecture in Konstanz, Germany, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo where he completed his master thesis about the ichnography of cities. He has worked at Gigon Guyer Architects, Zurich, Switzerland and Studio 2, Konstanz, Germany, as well as on his own projects. Currently, he is a professor of architecture and urbanism at Escola da Cidade, São Paulo. Sebastian speaks native German and is fluent in English and Portuguese. He regularly guides tours in São Paulo.

Bernardo Lopes

Bernardo is a widely traveled architect with professional experience in the United States, Switzerland and Brazil. As a “Carioca da gema“ - born and raised in Rio de Janeiro - he knows the city inside and out. He studied at the Chur Institute of Architecture in Switzerland and at the Boston Architectural College in Boston, USA. After working for William Rawn Architects, Peter Zumthor and Zwimpfer Partner Architekten, he came back to Brazil in 2009 and started a branch office for the São Paulo firm Anastassiadis Arquitetos in Rio. He is also a founding partner of the architecture office Plural Projetos Singulares. He speaks native Portuguese and fluent English and Spanish.


Marcio Nisenbaum


Marcio is also a “Carioca da gema”. He studied architecture at the Dessau Institute of Architecture and worked at architecture offices in Frankfurt and Rio de Janeiro. Today, he teaches at the Veiga de Almeida University and is doing his PhD in urbanism at the UFRJ Federal University Rio de Janeiro. He is a partner at the architecture office Plural Projetos Singulares and is the consultant for tour content at Insight Architecture. He speaks native Portuguese and has advanced knowledge of English and German.

Naylor Vila Boas

Naylor is "Carioca da gema", and a professor of architecture at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. His PhD was related to the urban history of the city of Rio de Janeiro which is now also the subject of the research group he coordinates at the post-graduate Urbanism program at the UFRJ. There, he teaches disciplines related to urban projects and photography. He speaks native Portuguese as well as Spanish and English fluently. Naylor regularly conducts tours and provides academic content for Insight Architecture.

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